Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Fix Google Play / Google Play Store / Goggle Play Services errors

Common error message is " stopped working" ,which renders the phone completely usless / totally annoying, as it appears each time I press the touchscreen. I got this error by tweaking / uninstalling stuff from phone to free some memory.

Then Google Play / Play Store refused to work with the error code RH-01 - error downloading from server

"eroare la recuperarea informatiilor de pe server rh-01"
"procesul s-a oprit"
"Unfortunately, the process has stopped"
"error retrieving information from server"

Been reading online about clearing cache/data about turning off and on download manager and google play, didn't fix shit for me.

Long story short, my solution was  => Apparently Google uses Push Notifications to start thing up, I was in the wrongs by disabling "Hangouts" and "Google Messenger". After installing those 2 everything works now.

I will drop some links to the apk versions of both Hangouts and Messenger + Google Services and Play ( all updated to date March 1st, 2016) , simply download => Copy to SD card by usb cord and install.

Good luck.

Google Play Store 6.2.10.A
Google Play Services 8.7.02
Hangouts 7.0.113001250
Google Messenger 1.7.050

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